What’s Howard Up To?

Great venue on Main St. in Eureka for drinks and music. Acoustic Trio-Me, Scott, Brett
Bold Adventure Band                                         Cedar Hill Lakes Party…Beer and BBQ

Where In The World Is Howard?

I’ve been doing some traveling for fun, and more serious work with my Disaster Medical Assistance Team, after the recent series of hurricanes.

Here are a few memories to share.

We Wrote A Song About Maria | Enjoy!

Playing Music For Hurricane Victims

Reverend Jim and I found a guitar, a harmonica, and our audience of locals enjoyed their free show.

Life After Maria

Outside our medical tents.  90 degrees.  Running on generator power.   The resilence of the Puerto Rican people was amazing.  Happy  I was able to help others in need.  I heard that Still Small Voice – guess I was doing God’s work.

A Barstool and an Audience | Tootsies | Nashville

Some Southern fun at the open mike.  Big crowd.  Free drinks.  A semi-decent guitar.  Pretty women.  The ghost of Elvis appearing now and then.  Nice bartender.  Only 350 miles from home on a motorcycle!  Let’s party.

Checkpoint Charlies | New Orleans

OK, see the sign?  Nobody my age drinks PBR anyone.  An empty tip jar.  One REALLY drunk local.  Played everyone a few songs.   The ghosts of the deep south came passing by.  Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, Ledbelly, B.B.  Good times.

More To Come….Stay Tuned…Find Out What Howard Is Up To Next!