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Howard Levinson

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American College Of Forensic Examiners Bio-Terrorism

This article, published in The Forensic Examiner, a peer-reviewed international scientific journal, provides relevant and practical information regarding biological agents that may be used by terrorists.  The first patient exposed to a biological agent may not necessarily present to an emergency room or urgent care facility where systems are in place to rapidly deal with an emergent threat. They may present to their primary care physician with non-specific symptoms, general GI complaints, a cough or  a rash.

It behooves all health care providers to understand the various food-borne biological agents terrorists may use to contaminate our food sources, the deadly biological agents that work by direct contact and the biologic bacteria  and viruses that can be spread by air and wind and thus inhaled. Readers of this article are given recommendations on identification, intervention, treatment, recommended vaccinations and decontamination processes if exposed.

Health Care Disease

This article was published in West News Magazine, a prominent St. Louis periodical. It explores the dire straits of the current health care system. Health care costs continue to escalate, millions remain uninsured and the system is still based on a disease model with payment based on individual services. Fortunately, there is a trend with many of the major insurance companies towards a model of care based on wellness. Payment is tied to the doctor or hospital keeping patients well, such as controlling chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Chiropractic Insurance Fraud

Published in The Journal of the American Chiropractic Association, this article educates readers on how to recognize  fraud, waste and abuse and how doctors can mitigate their chances of becoming involved in activities that could be considered fraudulent.

FDA – How Safe Are We

Published in West News Magazine, this article focuses on what we read every day about contamination of some food product; lettuce, peanut butter, cheese, etc., that has been recalled by the FDA for one reason or the other. The same holds true for medication, medication packaging, and labeling. The FDA is charged with monitoring foods and drugs and they are woefully understaffed and functioning under a very low budget. This article answers the question, “Just how safe are we?