I’m a Sinner, You’re A Saint


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I’m A Sinner, You’re A Saint

Howard Levinson

The Story Behind Sinner Saint

I spent much of my life playing gigs and trying to convince girlfriends or wives to support me, come to the gigs, or work the merchandise table. Anyone who lives with a musician understands the pecking order.  I wrote Sinner Saint this song for Sharon, my wife of many years. She is truly a saint.

I’m a Sinner, You’re a Saint Song Lyrics

Sitting outside of your bedroom door, know I should’ve said a whole lot more
Waiting outside, anticipating, hoping you’ll come out and give me salvation. 
Open the door, I know it’s been rough, I got some things to say before I move my stuff
I ain’t always right, I ain’t always wrong, I got a few problems, but I wrote you this song

I’m a sinner and you’re a saint,
You’re angel, we all know I ain’t
Girl, you’re so pretty, even in the dark
With that body you got, damn, you’re so hot
It’s a mystery, you stayed with me this long.

Loving me was work I could tell, you put up with my 3 kinds of hell
Story is written by the lines on your face, not enough laughter, not enough grace
You stood beside me, loved me so true, even after all the mean things I said to you,
I promised and apologized time and again, you deserve so much better than I am


I will mend your heart with a song and a smile
I can be that man you want in your life.

Open the door it’s getting kind of late, you know the gig starts at 8
Tuck away your anger, stash away your pain, and hop aboard my runaway train
Come to the show and wear that red leather, let your hair down, I know you’ll feel better

Have a couple beers with a whiskey back, a couple shots of Jaeger you’ll get on track
The man I was won’t seem to matter, cause tomorrow,  I promise,  I’ll be better.  Yes I will



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