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All In The Family
All In The Family Archie Bunker and Sammy Davis Jr.


The answer to why Trump won and can be found in two TV shows. All in the Family and King of Queens.  All in the Family was a 1970s sit-com featuring a middle-aged, blue collar, working stiff named Archie Bunker. Today, Archie would be classified as bigoted, racist, homophobic and misogynistic. He would be one of Hillary’s deplorable and irredeemable people. And yet, the show ran successfully for 9 seasons and touched on many of those controversial topics. Archie said ignorant, sometimes vulgar and hurtful things. But, the show demonstrated that in his heart, he was a good man that was loved by his family and friends, even the ones that were black, gay, women or hippies. And he was loved by America. Bravo named Archie Bunker, TV’s greatest character of all time. TV Guide ranked All in the Family as the fourth-greatest show of all time.

King of Queens was a more recent show airing into 2008. It was a family sit-com featuring a younger, blue collar, working stiff named Doug Heffernan. The show also ran for 9 seasons and earned high ratings from the TV industry. Doug was a parcel delivery truck driver. His co-worker and best friend on the show was a black guy named Deacon. Doug was not nearly as opinionated as Archie. Political correctness I suppose. In any event, they were just regular guys who loved their families, drank beer, bowled, played cards and worried about paying their bills.

Archie and Doug, and their families and friends were not deplorable, horrible people filled with hate. They were just regular people with whatever built in prejudices and opinions they learned from their upbringing. Clearly, some of those beliefs are wrong. Many of the episodes, especially in the All in the Family series, brought these controversial opinions to light and Archie changed.

Archie and Doug were typical working guys with typical working guy lives. Today’s working people are not much different. They worry about keeping their jobs, they are concerned about the safety of their families, the high cost of everything and what tomorrow will bring. The fact that some college student is over their head in student loan debt, needs a ‘safe place’ on campus or can’t find a comfortable place to urinate is not a priority.

These are the people who make up the bulk of America in what the politicians call fly-over country. These people are not racists and Nazis as the MSM would like you to believe. They are the people who work in factories that built your car, for construction companies that built your house, that drive the trucks that deliver your Amazon purchases, install your cable line or satellite dish so you can post your controversial opinions on Facebook, drill for the oil that makes the gas for the car you drive, operate the power companies that keep the grid working, cook your Big Mac or manage the Waffle House down the street.

These people watched as the economy sputtered, the middle class became invisible, the rich got richer, jobs were lost, wars were lost and terrorism increased on our shores. President Obama and Secretary Clinton both indicated that Hillary’s election would guarantee continuation of the Obama years. These folks are smart enough to know that “if you keep doing the same thing in the same way, you get the same result.” The same result was not acceptable.

These are the people, and their families who voted for Donald Trump. They were the regular people from fly-over country as well as the coastal cities. In fact, Archie and Doug lived in New York. Why did they vote for Trump? Because he connected with them. The Donald made ignorant jokes and statements that sounded a lot like something Archie Bunker may have made. But, Trump’s years of experience in dealing with people made this formerly liberal billionaire from New York City seem more like one of them than his opponent. They trusted him more than her. So they forgave him for saying stupid things and acting like an idiot.

Trump did not talk down to them or call them names. He didn’t bog them down with detailed specifics about complex world affairs, immigration and economic policies. “It will be tremendous. We will make America Great Again. Believe me,” he said. And they did, and they voted. No one knows how it will all turn out, but one thing we do know, the elitist liberal class took a spanking for not paying attention. Maybe they will listen now.



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