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St. Louis-Murder City. Hard to believe we rated above New Orleans, Detroit and Baltimore. Yes, Baltimore. The city behind one of the best murder books, David Simon’s “Homicide-A Year on the Killing Streets” upon which a gritty, realistic TV show “Homicide-Life on the Streets” aired for several seasons. Not to mention, the recent Baltimore race riots following the Freddie Gray incident.

So the stats in the news say the 2015 murder rate in St. Louis, population 300,000, of 59.3 incidents for every 100,000 city residents was the highest rate of any American city. The 188 murder cases in 2015 represents an 18.2% increase from 2014 and a 66.4% increase from 2011. The majority of murder victims in St. Louis in 2014 and most of 2015 were young African-American males.

On the upside, we are still way behind the curve in the murder stats compared to the early 1990s during the gang wars over crack cocaine distribution. In 1993 there were 267 souls smoked on the streets of the Gateway.

What’s The Answer?

Some say we need more gun laws, we need less people carrying weapons. New weapon laws, or the ability to carry a concealed weapon will have no effect on a shithead, crack dealer or car-jacker hell bent on killing a rival gang member crack dealer shithead or stealing your car. They have never, nor will they ever, live by the laws and rules of a civilized society. And there is an organized, underworld business of illegal gun trafficking to sell these guns to the shitheads that keep them well armed and the killing fields active.

Is This Fixable?

This type of violence cannot be legislated away. This type of criminal activity can only be broken up by risk taking, courageous law enforcement officers either on the beat or assigned to undercover or covert task force, using surveillance, wiretaps, search warrant, stop and frisk and other tactics most liberals find reprehensible in this so-called free society.

As stated in the news of the day, many of the victims are black kids who never had a chance. They grow up without a family or social structure and they have role models like rappers. Our government makes promises about better schools, better opportunities, better jobs in their neighborhoods, but never delivers. We are conspiratorial minded, believe that the government thrives on these poor folks in a state of dependence for a voting block and for a means of control.

I drive through North City regularly and have lived and worked in North County for decades. I’ve seen the decay and white flight over the past 30 years increase. Please tell me what laws and state or national congressional actions over the past decade have made the poorest of poor lead better lives, improved the schools and lessened the temptation of a kid to join a gang in place of a family, sell drugs instead of get a job.

Morality cannot be legislated. New gun laws and more governmental regulations will not create the circumstances that foster the desire for the return to nuclear families and responsible behavior.

If the government really wanted to help, there would have been a revitalization with incentives for companies to put manufacturing and business back in the worst of the worst neighborhoods where it is needed most. The government would have done something with the slumlords, vacant houses and blighted neighborhoods that would help instill hope in the residents unable to leave that somebody does care.

In The End

Unfortunately, there is no government that is willing to do anything more than maintain the status quo and put Band-Aids on the problem when a transplant is needed.


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