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Small minds on Facebook and Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney….Who Knew.

I recently had a run-in on the Facebook with a few fellows who didn’t like a comment of mine. It was a lively banter in which they called me names and threatened me. They live in STL, so I offered to meet them in person. As expected, it is so much easier to call someone out with a keyboard than in person. I suppose everyone has their comfort level and their’s is probably in their kitchen. Their childish antics reminded me of the Brad Paisley song about the guy living at home with his mom who, in reality is 5’5″ and chubby, but online is 6’5″ and a secret agent.  In any event, there is so much more interesting stuff out there than to engage on FB with small minds. I found some stuff that said Keith Richards is alive, Alien spaceship to be revealed if HRC is elected POTUS and that Stanley Kubrick’s movie “The Shining” was filled with clues about his filming of the moon landing. Just stumbled on this one. Johnny Depp is  a player of sorts. At least he keeps pretty good playing company.

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