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Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?


Is Your Cell Phone Going To Kill You?

In my sci-fi novel, The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience, electromagnetic forces (EMF) were used to facilitate mind control by aliens bent on saving the planet from the human species who were slowly, ecologically destroying it. Only a handful of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders were able to identify the threat and save the world.

Do you own a cell phone?  Thought so.  As in all of my writing, I spend considerable effort doing research. Despite what the government wants you to know, there is convincing evidence that exposure to electromagnetic forces alters normal physiological processes. It’s a pretty simple concept. The function of our heart, lungs, kidneys, nerves and brain are all dependent on electrical potentials at the cellular level. Remember that stuff from biology class about sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride ions and action potentials? Well, it is important after all.

I Want My Free Wi-Fi

I am sitting in a Panera Bread Company typing this, using their free Wi-Fi. There are some 25 people in here working on their laptops, tablets and texting or talking on cell phones. We are surrounded, even drowning in EMF. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, high voltage towers, cell towers, self-parking cars, automatic light switches and automatic toilet flushers. The new iPhone requires that we put wireless EMF receivers in our ears. What’s between your ears? You know, your brain, that very important organ that runs on EMF and properly functioning action potentials.

Ya Seen That Commercial?

There are commercials airing on most stations advertising radio frequency (RF) blocking wallets. These wallets are lined with an RF blocking product that keeps a crook from using an electromagnetic device to read your credit card information. It’s ironic that someone may find benefit in protecting their finances from intrusive EMF, but do little or nothing to limit their exposure to potentially harmful waves. So, if you are of a conspiratorial mind or are concerned whether your constant bombardment with invisible electronic waves poses a health risk, do your own research. Check out or for additional information.

Healthy Cell Phones

The kids who save the world in The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience used simple EMF blocking technology and products that are affordable, available and easy to implement to limit their exposure to EMF. You may not save the world, but you may stay healthier, longer.

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