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I currently have two novels available through Amazon in paperback or for a tablet. Click on the book to go directly to Amazon, or read on here to learn more about each novel, including reader reviews.  If you are unable to locate either book search by the author’s name, Howard Levinson.

The Tapping is an adrenaline-filled forensic crime story of murder, lust, and corruption that collides with a supernatural tale of lost souls seeking justice and revenge. The Tapping contains the haunting, supernatural thrills and unorthodox characters of a Stephen King novel and the criminal forensic authenticity  of a Patricia Cornwell mystery.

The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience is a sci-fi thriller about alien life, parallel universes, and the uniquely wired human brain that is often labeled  with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. Is there more beyond what we see?  And if so, how much? The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience offers unexpected twists of reality reminiscent of a Twilight Zone story and addresses the question,  “Are we alone?”

The Tapping - Howard Levinson         The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience - Howard Levinson

The Tapping

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The Tapping - Howard Levinson

Book Synoposis

This gripping, white knuckle thriller galvanizes readers from the moment they are first introduced to Morris Green.  Green is a detective and physician, a killer and a savior.  Narcotics Task Force Detective Dr. Morris Green is gravely wounded during a drug deal gone bad. At the exact same moment across town, two children, Robbie and Taylor Wiley, are viciously murdered. And in that ephemeral space between life and death, their souls intertwine. Green barely survives his injuries. The children are not so lucky. Green undergoes an arduous recovery from his injuries.  He then descends into a drug and alcohol-induced haze to kill the pain and forget.  Meanwhile, the children are trapped in limbo.

They require justice to cross over and begin “Tapping” Green, like a rider spurring a horse. Unwittingly, Green undertakes a cold-case review of the Wiley murder investigation. As he closes in on the truth, he discovers an elaborate conspiracy of corruption, extortion, and murder. The tentacles of a powerful organized crime family are protecting the killers. Their reach extends to members of Green’s own police agency, to special agents in the elite FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit, and to several high-ranking officials within the U.S. State Department.

Green comes to the realization that helping free the trapped souls of the children may be the only way he can save his own. His journey toward self-redemption and justice for those who no longer have a voice will leave fans of gritty crime drama and haunting ghost stories breathless for more.

The Tapping Reader Reviews:

Levinson has done a great job with the second published book. This book ALMOST scared me away, since it is over 500 pages in paperback. However, I REALLY enjoyed his first novel, THE MERCURY VAPOR LAMP EXPERIENCE- so I thought I would give it a try. Levinson has definitely outdone his first effort, with an excellent novel, creating a really good forensic crime story as good as any CSI episode, but combined with murdered-child ghosts seeking justice for their killer. And with this novel, Levinson has created a great character – Morris Green, detective AND physician, who appears artfully poised for a sequel.  Robert Enzenauer – March 15, 2015

Could not put this book down! Loved Det Greens character and this book has it all-sex, drugs, corruption, a mob family and ghost!! Levinson is an amazing story teller. Was concerned with the length of the book, but once I started reading, I wanted more. Can’t wait for Det Greens next case. Start writing Howard!  Jeanny B. – May 20, 2015

Absolutely a great read. I carried The Tapping with me everywhere. I made opportunities to read the book. It is thrilling and with each page read you can’t wait for the next. You felt like you were in the story, helping to collect evidence and solve the “Who done it?” Howard Levinson – great job! Bring on the sequel.  Deb Baysinger – February 18, 2015

Leaves room for a sequel. It very detailed, suspenseful and fairly fast read. Author pulls you in with his own personal demons, and not just the killer’s motive of the children. Lots of characters to keep you engaged.  Aerobie – December 19, 2014

The word supernatural almost kept me from reading this book; so happy my brother-in-law recommended it. Levinson draws the reader in with artful true to life character dialog. An easy and enjoyable read.  LORI – April 3, 2015

Enough twists and turns to make this a great story. Knowing this is based on a real case is disturbing but ultimately adds to its impact. Looking forward to the sequel and in watching Mr. Levinson’s growth as a story teller.  Maggie Magnum – December 22, 2014

Love this book! It’s has it all, murder, mystery, ghosts, and it keeps you guessing. Very descriptive and I really felt like I was in Dr. Green’s head.  Jason – December 31, 2014

A well written story of a detective who solves a gruesome triple murder with the help of two children waiting to cross over into the afterlife.  Diane Murphy – August 11, 2015

The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience

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  • The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience - Howard Levinson

Book Synopsis

When the mercury vapor street lamps flicker to life at dusk, everything on our planet changes, only we cannot see it. An alien race, residing deep within the earth, is in control of these seemingly innocuous lights. The aliens need nothing more than an assurance that our planet will remain stable. No such promise can be made and armageddon looms.

Our very existence depends on 19 year old Marlon Dale Hendershat, who struggles with the challenges of Asperger’s. Since childhood, he has had an obsession that demanded he watch the mercury vapor lamps light up each evening. His uniquely wired brain recognizes that the streetlights emit a special energy wave that generates a parallel universe on the face of our planet under the control of extraterrestrials. Because of his uniqueness, Marlon Dale is ‘chosen’ by the aliens to assist them in controlling the earth’s destiny. The aliens have discovered that the ecological balance of our planet is reaching a calamitous tipping point. The danger is very similar to that which forced them to flee their planet a century ago, and they cannot allow a repeat event.

Marlon Dale learns that the aliens intend to initiate a series of natural disasters to wipe out the human race in order to save the planet. Earthquakes and tsunamis will be followed by a worldwide biological event that will kill nearly everyone on earth. And the alien plan begins with the elimination of Marlon Dale’s father, an infectious disease researcher at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. Joined by two friends from his Autism therapy group, Marlon Dale must save his father and the world, from and for, all of us. And the aliens.

The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience Reader Reviews:

What a unique surprise! Levinson suggests a very interesting etiology to Asperger’s syndrome that makes way more sense than the fraudulent link between MMR-vaccine and autism. Seriously, though, Levinson does indeed bring a lot of strong scientific background of Asperger’s to a very interesting science fiction tale involving aliens “among us.” It is a very readable first novel. Also seems ripe for a sequel. Robert Enzenauer -February 17, 2015

Stimulating. I could not stop thinking about this book long after I finished reading it. The author clearly has extensive knowledge in several fields and has drawn all of this into the story. Knowing that the heroes in the book have Asperger’s is uplifting. Mr. Levinson has written a book that touches the heart and let’s the reader know that any one person or one act can save the world. 3dognight -July 6, 2014

Rarely read an authors first novel however this was surprisingly interesting. Knowing an “Aspie” I am very sensitive to how these individules are portrayed and Levinson did a great job in describing thoughts and behavior without any signs of ignorance or disrespect. Well worth the read and waiting for Levinsons next effort. Hope R. Victor – January 22, 2013

Great Book! The unique title “The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience” caught my interest and then seeing that it related to Aspergers… I decided that it would be worth checking out. I am not normally in to science fiction but this story really seemed believable. I liked the St. Louis setting along with the facts and statistics offered in the book such as the information on the Cahokia Indian tribes and Cahokia Mounds. This was a great mystery, a sci-fi suspense book that I found to be a perfect read for my day at the beach. lois and rick – July 26, 2012

What’s it about? Young outsiders grow up in a world unknown to the majority of their fellow man, and must accept the existence of aliens, come to grips with the aliens’ plans for the earth and humanity, and make choices about whether to follow directions, or fight for what they believe in. The knowledge that is dispersed in this book on a variety of subjects surprised me. How much of it can be taken for fact is debatable, but that’s as it should be in a sci-fi book. There was not as much info about Aspergers as I imagined there would be, though it is central to the plot. This book is a quick and enjoyable read. I was immediately intrigued and stayed interested as the plot evolved. Rock and Wheel – April 16, 2012

Finally, we have an explanation for Aspergers! This is a creative story that blends medical facts and science fiction. I became invested in the characters and was fascinated by the twists and turns in this book! I recommend the book for all science fiction fans! Ruth Hollenback – March 27, 2012

Mr. Levinson has created a dimension no one has approached prior to this book. He brings the reader into the world of speculation, suspense, and science with methodical precision. The story line is original and spell binding. It sets up a situation which screams for a second book to follow up the story line. Enjoyable and entertaining reading with a touch of scientific, educational , and medical feasibility all thrown into a life or death scenario and a parallel universe which could threaten the very existence of life as we know it. I.M. Neberhere – March 5, 2012

Reminiscent of the beloved classic, “E.T”, Howard J. Levinson has written The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience: A story of Aspergers and Aliens, a science fiction gem that leads the reader on an innocent and unearthly journey to an ultimate battle between good and evil. Terry and Margherite Hendershat are a unique couple with opposing traits that seem to make them whole. Terry is a quiet, intellectual research scientist, while Margharite is a quirky poet and artist with a love of original performance art. Believing they would remain childless, Margharite is suddenly blessed with two sons. MarlonDale, the eldest, seems like a normal child until he begins to display odd behavior. He will not hold eye contact with anyone, speaks only in ten word sentences and is mesmerized by sunflowers, water towers and mercury vapor street lamps, which MarlonDale believes generate a parallel universe, manipulated by aliens who have infiltrated the Earth. When his parents can no longer deny his eccentricity, his father, Terry, makes an appointment with an old colleague from medical school, Dr. Sutherland, a psychiatrist specializing in children’s behavioral disorders. Dr. Sutherland diagnoses MarlonDale with Aspergers, a milder form of Autism. As the years pass MarlonDale, despite his peculiar disability, thrives in school and makes friends with others who share his thought patterns. When MarlonDale learns that a plan to wipe out the human race begins with the murder of his own father, he and his friends from the Autism therapy group must take action in an attempt to save him and the planet. As good science fiction often does, Levinson’s The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience leaves the reader wondering about the possibility of alien life, parallel universes, and the human brain without limitations. Is there more beyond what we see. ? And if so, how much? What begins as a sweet fictional fantasy soon develops into a suspenseful science fiction drama, with some unexpected twists and turns, above and below street level. Amy Edelman – July 30, 2012