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Abbie Hoffman

Abbie Hoffman, the 60’s leader of the counterculture revolution garnered thousands of supporters. They were primarily young adults of the age we see nowadays, only with their heads buried in their iPhone posting selfies. Abby urged his supporters to join a revolution to change politics as usual, to stop the Viet Nam War and essentially burn down the system and start over. Their tactics were dramatic, comedic and often violent. I think it is no small stretch, that our country is every bit as f##ked up now as it was when Abbie Hoffman was leading the charge against the establishment machine.

America’s place in the world is no longer recognized as the best and most solid nation. Our once vibrant inner cities have turned into ghost towns filled with gangs, drugs and hopelessness. The corrupt, union run, school systems have failed. They cannot perform the job of teaching and being a family to kids who have little or no social support system to show them right from wrong. Industry and good paying jobs have moved from hands-on production to sophisticated technology which requires education. Since the schools are unable to fill that need, unemployment brings more gangs, drugs and hopelessness.

Our roads and bridges running through our urban areas are falling apart. People with means have been fleeing the cities for decades. They leave and with them goes the taxes they would have paid to make improvements in the area. They leave behind those without means, to make it any way they can. And as some have said, “If society fails you, you make your own society.”

The military industrial complex and the political corruption that was targeted by Abby Hoffman and the Yippies in the 60’s and 70’s is stronger than ever. Outrageous activities like the obscenely expensive Mylan EpiPen, the corrupt Justice Department giving Hillary Clinton a free pass for her classified emails, illegal Mexican gun running in the ATF’s ‘Fast and Furious’ f##k up, illegal gun running in Benghazi, the lies and cover-up told to the American people on the Sunday news shows about Benghazi, the genocide in Syria, the terrorist attacks on American soil and an ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The hits just keep on coming. And Obama is sending more and more ‘military advisers’ to these places. Did he not learn anything about the failure of the concept of wartime ‘military advisers from the history of Viet Nam?

YES…He learned plenty over the last two terms. He learned that ‘Hope and Change’ is impossible. He learned that the power of military industrial complex-the political machine, the lobbyists and the super-rich elite cannot be sustained without national and international conflict and war. Obama, the Clinton’s, Trump and all of those holier-than-thou clowns in Congress you see on the 24 hour news cycle are part of the machine.

If things remain the same, our third World War is coming. It’s just good business for the powerful elite running the country. You think our hands-off approach to the Middle East, the rise of ISIS and the artificial manipulation of the economy by the Federal Reserve is happen-stance? This is all part of their master plan.

The rise of a Donald Trump is a testament to the fact that so many are so fed up with the established politically corrupt machine and they want a different direction for the country. Trump may be an outsider to the political machine, but he has been an insider to the powerful and elitist groups running the country for decades and thus we can rule him out as the next Abbie Hoffman. Just because he is the lesser of two evils, still leaves him as evil.

Sure this sounds a bit paranoid. William Burroughs said, “Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.” Perhaps someone legitimate will come on the scene, call for change, and we will listen.


  1. Howard,
    Good article on cell phone electromagnetic safety. Why put any energy source that close to your head?
    I remember years ago seeing a photo of Al Gore and a large group of his aids all using ear buds due to EM energy on their cell phones. Not a fan of Gore by any means….but it had me thinking… what do they all know?

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